BTC Robot Review 2020: A Complete Review

Even though it has been longer than a decade since Bitcoin was created, it was not until 2017 that it received such widespread popularity. The number of people getting into cryptocurrency trading also increased.

However, the markets have seen a downfall ever since. With high volatility, the opportunity that the market holds for the traders is very high. We see amazing trading opportunities that would make us some quick buck daily. In this BTC robot review, we will have a look at how the BTC robot helps to take advantage of the cryptocurrency market and make some extra money.

What is a BTC robot?

btc robot review

Cryptocurrency trading has become very popular lately. With better exchanges such as Binance and Bittrex that can handle a high load, more and more investors are looking into trading as a great way to generate passive income.

With multiple opportunities in the market, it becomes very hard to capitalize on every single one of them. The cryptocurrency market is the only market that never sleeps. This means that the number of opportunities that you miss while you are asleep is very high.

This is where a trading bot such as BTC robot comes in very handy. We usually make FOMO trades thinking that we might miss out on a great opportunity. Making such trades by not analysing the market conditions correctly can be very dangerous. We might end up losing a good chunk of our hard-earned money to this.

The BTC robot trading bot analyzes the market conditions continuously and places trade only when there is an opportunity to profit. On their official website, the developers of the trading bot claim that the traders can receive up to 150% return on their investments. Let’s take a look now at the features in this BTC robot review.


Features of BTC Robot:

Some of the features that make BTC Robot includes:

1- Multi-asset bot: Most of the trading bots out there support only BTC and its trading pairs. BTC robot miners, on the other hand, support BTC, ETH as well as LTC and all of its trading pairs, which means that you will find more trading opportunities.

2- No fees: With BTC robot miner, you pay for your subscription upfront and no additional charges are going to be charged. This is better than most other trading bots that charge you a certain commission for the profits that you make.

3- Easy to install: The whole process of setting up and installing the BTC robot software is extremely simple. You can set it up on both windows as well as Linux machines. If you want to use it on a macintosh device, a VPS would be provided to facilitate the same.

4- Security: On the BTC robot miner, you needn’t provide your bank. All you need to provide is the API key to an exchange that you use. Over the years, the security of the trading bot has been so good that there have not been any instances of money being stolen from the account of a user.

Can we make money with a BTC robot?

It’s that time in the BTC robot review when we answer the most important question. While on the official website of the BTC robot, the developers do claim that the bot provides a 150% profit over the years.

The bot does perform well in a bull market. However, just like any other trading bot out there, it cannot handle the volatility of a bearish market. Hence, we can say that the returns that you get by using this bot will not be as amazing as the team behind this product claims it to be.

Additionally, there have been numerous complaints from the users about actually trading at a loss. So, you need to be very careful when you see such wild claims made by any company out there.


Some of the advantages that the BCT robot has to offer its users are:

1- No transaction fees: Most of the cryptocurrency trading bot out there charge you not only the upfront costs but also a small transaction cost for all the trading transactions made by the bot.

BTC Robot is not your usual trading bot. Apart from the subscription fees, you needn’t pay any additional fees for the trades made by the bot.

2- Money Back Guarantee: This is a feature that gives most of us a lot of confidence in the product. With a 60-day money-back guarantee, one can be assured that one’s investment in the bot would not be a waste.

If things go sideways and you end up losing your hard-earned money, you can always apply for the money back if you do it within 60 days of buying a subscription.


1- Customer support: The customer support provided by the BTC robot team isn’t great. It is very hard to get in touch with the team to get any of your issues resolved.

2- Information available: There is not much information about the bot available on the main website. All that means that you will need to rely on third-party websites to get proper information about the bot.


BTC Robot is not free software. To start using the services of the bot, you need to pay the subscription fee. The fee starts at just $19.99 per month for the base plan and goes up to $39.99 for the per month packages. 

These packages are limited to either one or two trading pairs respectively. To unlock all the features of the block, you will have to go for the $399 plan that would provide you with a subscription for a year.

BTC Robot – The Conclusion

BTC Robot is one amongst many cryptocurrency trading bots out there. While the claims regarding the net returns might be a bit too wild to believe, the bot is still capable of providing profits. If you are using a trading bot for the first time, test out the BTC robot’s base plan before you decide to go all-in with a more expensive plan.

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