Review 2020: Previously Known As Leonardo

Blockchain has really picked up pace since its inception a decade ago. Ever since Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have surfaced and have started an ongoing trade like none other. The cryptocurrency trading market is one of the most volatile trading markets in the world right now. Currencies reach new highs and lows within minutes. Clearly trading on a platform like this would mean having abilities like a robot. Modern crypto trading requires modern solutions. 

In this article, we will review, a breakdown of a profitable cryptocurrency robot that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. 

What is review was originally a decent trading platform called Leonardo. Soon after the ownership changed, the old rustic user-interface was scrapped for a much more sophisticated while easy to use, and the trading bot became more efficient, and the was re-introduced to the crypto trading market. is one of the most efficient and encrypted cryptocurrency trading robots. The algorithms on which the robot is built on are as flawless as any upper-tier trading robot like Cryptohopper. This new bot makes Bitcoin transactions as simple as it can get. In addition to that, there are a large number of new features that have been programmed to best suit the norms of the user. In this review, we will dive into the various new features, pricing, and whether this can really make you money or not. 



Cryptocurrency trading has become fairly popular today. With governments trying to write new laws around this, there has been a drastic increase in the number of traders and cryptocurrencies in the last two years. With countless trading bots in the market, every trading bot is best suited for a level of trade, and each bot has a different and unique feature to offer. 

The trading bot offers its users a wide range of features as well, here are a few of the many exciting features: 

1. Virtual Trading Experience

The bot has become much more effective and easier since its last update. There are plenty of subtle features like ‘drag and drop’, which has been received quite well with traders of all kinds. There are creatively visual charts that display the current market in a more fundamental way. Other stock exchanges normally have too complicated chart depictions and a much more engineered user interface. With that, there is also a second screen option that helps you have a good look at 25 markets at the same time. 

2. Trading Robots 

The trading terminal has a large number of bots that are endlessly calculating and trading on the market. One of the best features of the trading bots is that they are always trading on the user’s behalf. Traditional trading meant to sit in front of a screen and make decisions when the market dips or rises. The biggest flaw in the traditional system was that during night time, trading never took place, while the market fluctuates like crazy. Thus, bots are programmed always to be online and make the right decisions on the spot, even when you are asleep. 

3. Indicators

Algorithms aside, technical indicators are what make a bot better. Indicators help any bot track and analyze a crypto market. These indicators help the bot predict when the coin could drop and rise. These indicators have always been accurate and are what run the cryptocurrency trade. Luckily, is accommodated with one of the best trading indicators in the market right now, MACS, RSI, EMA, and VWAP, to name a few. 

4. Customization have given their users another reason to stay on board. This platform allows the users to manually customize your account settings to suit the best theme and display type anyone prefers. Having a personal look gives users a certain comfort and ease. You can customize your interface by changing various positions of certain on-screen tasks, sections, and other settings. 

5. Security has one of the best encrypted and secure platforms on the market. APIs are stored on the servers of the company with only a single and encrypted part of a whole key. It means that if anyone tried to infiltrate user accounts on the platform, the hacker would have to decode many keys. Another good feature of this bot is that they never store funds on a server. One can access exchanges directly through the software. 


  1. platform has many legitimate exchanges like Binance, Latoken, Bitfinex, Huobi, and many more. 
  2. The trading platform is one of the most secure platforms in the market right now and is going strong. 
  3. You can get access to an unlimited number of trading bots, and it can help you navigate profits through the market effortlessly. 
  4. It has an extremely easy and customizable user interface. 


Any review is incomplete without a disadvantages section:

  1. Trading algorithms are used and abused by many users on this platform. That is because these algorithms are openly available to everyone on the platform. Since it is available to everyone, it is a little tough to sniff out gains sometimes.  
  2. There is no variable fee structure; the packages are all fixed, which means that you will be paying for features that you are more likely not going to use. 

Pricing offers three main packages, all of which are one-time payment offers.  

  1. Starter Package – $89 – Supports one exchange, unlimited bots, and all technical indicators. 
  2. Standard package – $169 – Supports all exchange, unlimited bots, all technical indicators but has a restriction on a limited number of APIs. 
  3. Professional Package for $1999.

There’s also a free demo version available that offers most one exchange. It is for you to get an idea of how the platform is. 

Can we really make money off of 

Theoretically, being a trading platform run on algorithms and bots when strategized well, can earn a large number of profits. But at the end of the day, it all depends on how good of a trader you are. If you choose your investments wisely after research of your own, then the indicators will point you to the direction of great returns. 

Also, the one-time payment does seem a little off as compared to other trading platforms. But the fee can be recovered over time eventually by sheer profit from the bot itself. So, you can break even very soon, and start making good profits as you advance in the crypto gamble. So, yes, we can really make money off of cryptocurrency trading bot. – Conclusion 

Trading is just another professional game that needs patience, skill, and strategies. It may sound overwhelming to many new traders entering the crypto market scene, but with the right guidance, strategy, and knowledge, you can make it. 

Hope with the review you will get a better idea about what this bot is really capable of.  With by your side, you can strategically flow through the fluctuations in profit. 

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