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Classic 2017 cryptobots collection

A 2017 historic Cryptobots collection features countless new benefits — a FREE drop of 3D NFT Heroes, wrapped contract, and more!

FREE 3D NFT drop for Classic Bots Holders

icon3D PFP Collection

A 3D PFP Collection of up to 10,000 in-game NFTs

iconUnique Playable Heroes

3D Cryptobots will be playable as Heroes and will carry unique battle and economic bonuses in the Cryptobots Game

wrapped cryptobot image
wrapped cryptobot image

Cryptobots Classic Collection

Launched in December 2017, the Classic Cryptobots collection was one of the very first NFT projects and a pioneer p2e game on the market!

Today, this collection is praised by the community for its historical significance in the NFT space.

Wrapped Cryptobots

Wrap your Classic Bots to get substantial in-game bonuses and trade them smoothly on any platform with the lowest gas fees!

iconIn-game Bonuses

🔹 Up to 10% bonus to your Bot team stats — hold 10 wrapped Classics to get maximum benefits (bonuses may change weekly).

🔹 In-game power-up item for all who wrap their Bots before August 13th.

iconGain Gameplay Advantage

🔹 1 NFT Land for each of the Top-25 traders and Top-25 buyers on OpenSea.

🔹 Giveaway 6 Genesis Cryptobots — 3 Bots will be given out randomly and three will go to the Top-3 biggest holders of wrapped Classic Bots.

wrapped cryptobot image

Unique NFT Collection

One of the First

Classic Cryptobots were launched in 2017 and featured in one of the very first play-2-earn games on the NFT market.

Only 10 000 NFT’s

The collection is limited with no possibilities of new minting. Contract ownership and management roles were assigned to the address of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

Commercials rights

Classic Collection holders have ownership and commercial usage rights over their NFTs.

Access to an Unique Community

Access to an unique community of Classic Collection holders (Over 2k holders) and the broader Cryptobots community (Over 60K members).

Free Drop of 3D NFT

Holders of the Classic Cryptobots collection will get a FREE drop of a 3D NFT Hero that will give multiple economic and battle bonuses in the Cryptobots Game.

Cryptobots Classic 2017 Collection

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